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Custom 1:1 Coaching

You’re a superstar. Speak like one.


Let’s be real–we all face our own unique communication struggles. That’s why we tailor our 1:1 training program to fit your needs and help you tackle real-life situations with confidence and ease.

We call it PRESENSATION SKILLS®, because let’s face it, you’re a total sensation in every sense of the word. We’ll help you hack your fight-or-flight response, master your inner voice, and craft unforgettable stories that leave a lasting impact.

And if we can prepare a US Presidential Candidate for a nationally televised debate, UN Diplomats for major speeches in NYC, and help C-suite execs around the world speak at global conferences, you better believe we can help you
crush it too.


Executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who want to communicate with greater confidence and clarity


Speakers who want general public speaking skills

Speakers who need support with more than one real-life communication opportunity

Speakers who prefer the flexibility and deep dive support available from 1:1 training with a coach

Anyone who feels held back or shut down in their communication


Up to three short-form deliverables (pitches, work presentations, short talks, panels, webinars, facilitations, networking, running better meetings, and more)
Up to twelve 90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions (virtual or live)
Fearless’s core public speaking curriculum to establish a strong foundation in your speaking
Recordings of every session (if delivered virtually), so that you can track your progress
1 Fearless Coach, there to champion you along the way!


In a Presensation Skills package, we work in two phases that can be completed, usually over the course of 3 – 4 months. (The process can be accelerated or spread out, depending on your needs.)

Packages of 6, 9, and 12 sessions are available depending on the number of deliverables you need to work on.




During this phase, we lay a strong foundation. We teach you BODY and VOICE techniques to hack your fight-or-flight response to public speaking. We create a powerful communication MINDSET, so that you can master your nagging inner voice and show up with intention. We teach storytelling craft and structure to help lay a firm foundation for creating our content–and more!




In this phase, we’ll apply the lessons learned in our Fearless Fundamentals to up to 3 key deliverables from your real life. Deliverables can include: presentations, short talks, pitching, web courses, lead generators, workshops, podcasts, board meetings, networking, sales conversations, social media videos–and more!

We’ll work with you on “what to say and how to say it.” Each deliverable will take between 2-3 sessions, and you’ll emerge with tools and content you can use to become a FEARLESS COMMUNICATOR.


Great question! It depends on the number of deliverables (public speaking opportunities you want to work on.) Usually, it takes 2-3 sessions per deliverable. So, the first step is to align on priorities. Hop on a call with a Fearless coach, and we’ll design the program that’s right for you.

It depends on our availability at any given time, but in some cases, we’ve been able to get started within a day or two.

Absolutely! While we recommend a cadence of 1x/week to ensure you have time to create between sessions, our program is highly customizable.

We work hard to align you with a coach who feels like the best fit for you. Let us know how you learn best, and we’ll pair you with an expert who can make sure you feel championed and challenged in all the right ways.

We can connect you to external resources who help with speaker marketing, but our work is with speakers on what to say and how to say it.

Depending on your needs, goals, and the coach you select, we have several packages available. Please contact us to get a customized plan.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Fearless Communicators today and join our tribe of fierce humans who are ready to take on the world, one presentation at a time.

Stephie Knopel Public Speaking

As an entrepreneur, courage defines everything. But it’s also the hardest element of a startup journey to be constantly nurtured.

I learnt through Eduardo and his team that courage is only the accumulation of small steps. They guided me through a journey where a small gesture, a new word and thought could unleash the authentic power that get sometimes silenced by fear. Just like a muscle can be trained, courage has memory and it comes back once you choose to execute on that. Working with Eduardo gave me back the freedom to express the vision behind PersonalHeroes, but also the confidence to ACT on that vision in the most authentic version of myself. And once you get there. There’s no way back.

—Stephie Knopel
Entrepreneur and Cool Hunter

Our session with Eduardo opened us up to how to communicate our message and relay the mission of our company using breath and voice work.

We learned and practiced tools that would allow us to own our authentic voice. The result was a powerful sense of clarity around who we are, what our company stands for in the world, and how to powerfully communicate that to others.

—Jahan Mantin and Boyuan Gao
Project Inkblot

I worked with Eduardo many times – first I got his help personally as I was prepping for a fundraising round of my Series A.

Eduardo came over from NYC to SF to be with me for a few days, worked with me on building a clear pitch, getting me ready for the tough questions, helped me articulate the value and impact of my work and helped me convey my pitch in a confident and fearless way. In addition, as a non native speaker – he helped me find the tiny habits I have when I speak and get rid of them so I can sound more professional. But most of all – he helped me build confidence that served me in all of the meetings and speaking opportunities since. Eventually, I raised $6.5million in this round. And the confidence he instilled in me was crucial in order to get this outcome.

—Sharon Savariego
Founder and CPO, Mobilize

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