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Get people to say #YASSSS to your big idea.

We all know the feeling of trying to pitch ourselves or our business to someone new. But what if you had a secret weapon that could make your pitch irresistible? Enter the SIGNATURE STITCH®. (It’s your STORY meets your PITCH. Get it?!)


So, who needs a Signature Stitch®, you ask? Well, if you…

Own a small business
Sell anything
Work in business development
Are seeking a new job
Are launching a book, website, or new venture
Want to get better at networking

then you do!

How it works

Our 1:1 program starts with our Fearless Fundamentals to get your body, voice, and mindset in tip-top shape. Then, we’ll work with you to define your audience and their real concerns. From there, we’ll build out the 5 key components of your Signature Stitch® and teach you how to deliver it LIKE YOURSELF in different settings.

And the best part? You’ll get: a breakthrough in speaking with authenticity, vulnerability, and power, plus an original 3-5 minute Signature Stitch® and four 90-minute 1:1 coaching sessions. Oh, and did we mention that each session is recorded, so you can review it whenever you need a refresher?

So, are you ready to go from pitching to stitching? Let’s do this!

speak to a fearless coach


Yes, we have curated this program for sales and biz dev teams as well as social impact foundations. To create a program for your team, contact us using this form, and speak to a Fearless Coach.

Great question! Your Signature Stitch® is designed to be modular, so you can grab language we create and use parts of it in networking settings, informal sales calls, and in presentations. You can also share a full version of your Stitch on social media and your website to help drive new business.

Yes! Maybe you’re interviewing for a job. Or imagine you’re at a party and someone asks you “what do you do?” Everyone needs a succinct, powerful story that can draw people in and open the door to new opportunities.

We work hard to align you with a coach who feels like the best fit for you. Let us know how you learn best, and we’ll pair you with an expert who can make sure you feel loved, supported, and challenged in all the right ways.

Depending on your needs, goals, and the coach you select, we have several packages available. Please contact us to get a customized plan.


I’ve been struggling to put together a coherent story that explains my mind body therapy approach in a way that made sense to potential clients and also connected to me and my story of why and how I do what I do.

Before I started I was worried that I’d still not be able to make that happen. But the STITCH process was so seamless in the way it helped me scaffold and create a story that I was able to feel and present with pride! The coaches were enthusiastic and supportive even when I had doubts or questions, I felt very comfortable presenting my story and am so happy I have a process I can continue to use to craft more stories!

—Carmella Bennet

Part of my business model as a lifestyle designer is systemic professional development.

Fearless Communicators is a top notch organization that exceeded my expectations. Their speciality is getting into the emotional power of Storytelling while coaching the details. This allows one to have a high quality transformative experience where they feel themselves gaining a grasp of storytelling AS PERFORMANCE process. While also understanding the micro details which makes the performance magical.

—Esco Wilson

As someone who desperately wanted to let go of a script when speaking.

The style of this course really supported that result. Although wildly outside my comfort-zone, the frantic pace of this course required me to incorporate my coaches notes on the fly. Forcing me to let go of my prepared notes and trust that I had everything I needed, already inside. Thank you for creating a safe space to learn, grow and take some risks.

—Ian White

Telling a story is an art form, and Fearless Communicators helps break down barriers to allow for a clear, concise and effective delivery.

I found the coaches to be extremely supportive and very positive with their feedback and suggestions. I would highly recommend my friends and business associates to take the course.

—Jeff Bernard

I normally prefer to be behind the scenes instead of speaking front and center.

The team at Fearless Communicators, lovingly supported me throughout the process of crafting a STITCH that I was confident in delivering.

—Tiek Johnson

This experience has taken my excitement and passion for my work to another level that I never thought was possible.

—Denise Washington

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