Which one are you?

There may be a spark of courage growing in you,  this very moment, propelling you to speak your truth.

You may be completely blocked from how to access this story and share it with an audience.  You may already be speaking on national and international stages AND you know you are at a natural inflection point to take your speaking to the next level.  You may be working inside an organization and know that there is a need for your team to master public speaking.

Here are the ways in which we partner with YOU to bring authenticity, truth and power to your message, ensuring that it resonates throughout the world.


Private Clients go through the STORY DOULA PROCESS® where we work on crafting and delivering an original piece of thought leadership to amplify their brand. #werk (Keynotes & TED Talks)

Sample Clients: Thought Leaders, Industry Experts, Authors, Activists

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Private Coaching

We work with Small Business Owners and Founders on crafting the narrative of their brand while also providing coaching around the various scenarios they are called upon to speak.  Our Private Clients follow the STORY DOULA PROCESS® and it is modified to support their specific needs.  We have worked with Presidential Candidates, UN Diplomats, Non Profit Executives and Founders in funding rounds.  #nobigdeal

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Fearless Force: public speaking for visionary women leaders

Fearless Force is our signature program which is committed to amplifying the voice of women throughout the world. We have led programs with diverse women in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. #yaskween

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Your Story Now is our new digital group program that is about crafting the perfect story and pitch to speak to the moment we’re in. The days of the elevator pitch are over . . . make way for the SIGNATURE STITCH® #everything #necessary #cantstopwontstop

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We offer a suite of workshops on STORYTELLING and PRESENSATION SKILLS® for internal and client facing individuals and teams. We also offer specific programing on thought leadership for diverse leaders. #kickballchange

Sample Clients: Corporations, Non Profits, Government Agencies, Universities/Colleges, Co Working Spaces



Eduardo Placer, Story Doula and Founder of Fearless Communicators®, is available for Keynotes and Workshop Facilitation onsite at your company, or at your next conference. His presentations are full of relevant content that will leave audiences stimulated, challenged and engaged. #youdoyouboo

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MBA Interview Preparation

Exclusively through Menlo Coaching, Eduardo Placer and his Fearless Facilitators prepare applicants to top MBA programs to perform well during high pressure interviews. Want to know what the “Unlock Your Voice” session is like? Watch the video! #yassss

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