Easton Lachappelle

Easton LaChappelle has been taking apart things since he was a child and is now changing industries. At 14, he made his first robotic hand out of LEGOs, fishing line, and electrical tubing. With his gradual improvement, the hand turned into an arm and advanced to a 3D-printed brain-powered invention that he could operate with his mind.

After an encounter with a 7-year-old girl at a science fair whose prosthetic arm cost $80,000 (and would need to be replaced when she outgrew it), LaChappelle was inspired to turn his prototype into a practical and affordable device. Not only were his designs amazing, but his young age in addition to his self-taught knowledge of robotics started to make an impact. President Obama shook hands with one of his arms and has
traveled the world spreading the message that you can learn outside of the education system including a TED talk. He’s worked at NASA on the Robonaut project developing a new telerobotic interface.

At 18, Easton founded his own company, Unlimited Tomorrow, to commercialize this technology and bring it to the masses. Unlimited Tomorrow’s philosophy is to keep the user first and to give extreme technology at an affordable price. By using new technologies such as 3d printing, 3d scanning and AI, it allows Unlimited Tomorrow to create a product that’s better, faster and more affordable than anything in the market.