Louiza Megan Ouazzi

Louiza runs a course twice a year that helps women entrepreneurs take off at least two months for vacation each year while they continue to grow their businesses. She lives in NYC where she runs her own six-figure business while living her ideal schedule. Louiza works 3 weeks a month and 4 days a week and she takes an additional two months of vacation every year. In 2017, Louiza took 19 weeks and 2 days of vacation time. She spent one month in Hawaii and another month in Thailand completely unplugged from phone, email, and all things work. She fills her desire for both peace and adventure by traveling and has visited 30 different countries in the last 7 years.
Louiza loves making her own rules and supporting others in doing the same. She believes in listening to her own intuition instead of seeking advice from others. She believes confrontation gives us access to self care. She believes making more money comes from owning our worth. She believes making bold and unreasonable requests leads to a combination of many “nos” but also many wonderful surprises. Most important of all, Louiza believes every woman is able to create the business and lifestyle she desires if she has the willingness to get uncomfortable and commit to getting what she wants.