Vicki Williams

Vicki is a Wife, Mother, Daughter and Sister who has a passion for empowering women and helping them find their inner sexual self. As the Operator of April Nites with Victoria – Vicki talks to women on a daily basis about putting themselves first and not feeling guilty about wanting to be pleased sexually. Vicki would like to encourage women to support one another, lift each other up and not sweat the small stuff. She has lived with – and hidden Epilepsy for 24 years, recovered from Anorexia and works hard to ensure her sons – and others – know that respecting women is not an option. Vicki is fortunate to have a supportive husband of 12 years who sometimes might know her better than she knows herself. She is filthy rich in life with all the things money can’t buy – Love, Family, Friends and a craving for New Experiences.