Syrretta Martin

I’m Syrretta Martin, born and raised in the Bronx, New York. I hold an LMSW degree and am passionate about nature, a determined fighter against fibromyalgia, an avid runner, and a devoted health and disability advocate.

My professional focus centers around the intersection of health equity and autonomy, particularly for women of color. I proudly serve as the founder and CEO of Collective Healing, LLC, a community dedicated to fostering healing spaces for women of color. We encourage the exploration of holistic and traditional healing practices while nurturing an environment of empathy, autonomy, and unity. Our driving force is sisterhood, recognizing that “healing rarely occurs in isolation; healing is an act of communion” – as beautifully expressed by bell hooks.

I also have the honor of being a Culture of Health Leader as part of the 2022 Culture of Health Leadership Institute on Racial Healing (COHLI). My mission is to drive conversations and change within the health and wellness industry, with a specific focus on breaking down the structural and socio-economic barriers that hinder care for women of color living with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Why do I do this? Because I envision a society that fully recognizes and supports the humanity of women of color in every healthcare interaction. I dream of a world where we can confidently reclaim our autonomy in choosing our paths to healing, where our stories and experiences are included in discussions about chronic illness, disability, and disease.