Emma Mehaffey

How often do we say that we experience Joy at work? Why is Joy something we experience when we travel, with family and friends, anywhere else but where we work?

I am Emma, Founder of Emjoy. I spent 15 years immersed in one of the worlds leading culture brands, Virgin Australia.  As the former General Manager of Culture and Employee Experience I believe experiencing joy at work is every employee’s right. I’ve seen throughout my career how humans change, grow & flourish in organizations that are brave enough to put culture at the heart of their business.

Emjoy is about stripping away the big words, the fancy diagrams and standard frameworks. It’s about real human leadership. It’s about remembering what it’s like to be an employee at all stages and what that means to people. It’s about giving people a reason to get up every morning. Giving them something to believe in.  It’s simple, its inspirational, it’s the future and it delivers joy in spades.