Debra Driscoll

Debra is a professional story facilitator,  applied theatre practitioner, writer, speaker, Reiki Master, and intuitive mentor. She has developed a strong framework for intuitive listening, embodied and action driven discovery and intentional engagement of individuals, teams, and communities.

Debra is the Creator of Tools 4 the Soul; a story and spiritual practice consultancy dedicated to sharing stories of grief, loss, love, and spiritual growth to inspire and assist people to ease their hurt where possible and discover how it is in our “ouch” that we can find layers of ourselves and soul expand. Debra works with clients and groups teaching spiritual practice tools, personal empowerment, Reiki, and the affirmation and reframing of our personal narratives.

Debra’s book; A Series of Surrenders – a memoir of grief, is available September 2019 through Balboa Press.

Debra works internationally and is based in New York City.