Chelsea Simpson

What we’ve understood about leadership up until now is necessary, but not sufficient.

This world of increased complexity requires deeper, ongoing practices of self-awareness, team cohesion and deliberately developmental culture.

That’s where I come in. I have 12 years of experience creating bi-lingual (English/ Spanish) custom-crafted transformational leadership development curriculums, facilitation, coaching & public speaking.

I’ve developed the capacity to make content & culture come alive.

And create transformational experiences in vastly different contexts, with different people.

From C-suite corporate professionals in New York City to disaster relief zones in the Philippines, from leading global universities to rural communities in Central America, from state parks to skyscrapers, I have a proven record of making myself a humble student of human transformation. And learned how to drive results in the process.

I am willing to do what it takes to make myself a bridge for humans to connect more deeply with themselves and each other.

This work is a calling. The world needs leaders. And leadership can be taught.

In this global moment, I believe top quality experiential, creative, inclusive, data-driven curriculum & events can have world-changing results, from driving unprecedented revenue to solving complex social impact goals.

Questions that energize me are:
How do we “future proof” organizations & leadership?

With the profound accelerating complexity in the world, how do we build adaptive resilience into our teams & culture, while maintaining day to day operations?

Fun & creativity is often misunderstood in a professional context- at great cost. How do we reimagine how we lead with fun & creativity– in lock step with rigor and data?

Consumers & employees demand tomorrow’s leading companies to be values-driven in an unprecedented way. How do we respond?

These are big questions- so big we cannot lose our sense of humor.