Angie Ramirez

Angie is the Head of Sales and Customer Success at Livepeer, a decentralized platform for video encoding centered on the Ethereum network. She joined Livepeer in 2018 when the company was just seven people. Since then, Livepeer has raised an $8 million Series A venture round and grown to a team of over twenty.

Angie is a software engineer and business strategist who has worked in k-12 education, social impact finance, digital media, and video blockchain technology. She thrives in ambiguous situations that are inevitably part of getting from concept to thriving product or company. She is a master communicator with deep technical knowledge who turns engineering, product, data science, sales, and user needs/priorities into architectural decisions, product visions, data analytics tools, and marketing artifacts.

As someone who spent the first ten years of her life in Colombia, is a citizen of three countries, has travelled to, lived in, or worked in over 40 countries, Angie is a proud proponent and supporter of diverse, distributed, and globally-aware environments/policy.

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