Sheree Cairney

Sheree Cairney is a free-spirited neuroscientist, culture broker, innovator, entrepreneur and dedicated change maker. She has spent her adult life working in remote Australia, deep in sacred Aboriginal country, where the sky is blue and the earth burnt-orange. Currently an Associate Professor at Flinders University, she has published over 50 scientific articles, and produced creative and digital learning tools, and psychosocial screening instruments that are used across the country. Her science and innovation stories have been told on national media, and informed policy, education curriculum, rehabilitation programs and national clinical guidelines. She spent the last six years developing an Aboriginal wellbeing framework from the ground up to represent Aboriginal cultural values to policy. She tells this story in her 2016 TEDx talk. Sheree is passionate about bringing together people and ideas to inspire and create through integrating science, culture, art, business and policy.