Our mission

We all have an origin story of where a fear of public speaking begins. A moment when someone says something, or the fear of someone saying something, paralyzes us from speaking up and being heard.

For me it was second grade, Miami, FL, SHOW AND TELL.  I stand in front of the class holding a stuffed animal seal and say, “Seals are mammals, they live in the water, they eat fish and sometimes they’re eaten by sharks.”  As I return to my seat, I think to myself, “Self, that went really well. Let me share something else.” I then say out loud to my classmates, “I named him after someone in this class.  I named him after Brett MacGyver. “

The moment I said those words I felt the temperature in the room shift.  There was an awkward silence in the room.

That day I decided three things about public speaking:

I can’t speak
the truth

I can’t be

Being myself
is dangerous

I was a professional actor for over 15 years, trained at one of the top conservatories in the United States, and have spoken on stages with audiences ranging in size from 5 to the thousands. The same root fear is always present. This root fear can lock the body and weaken the voice.

Our commitment is to bring and build a whole new context for YOUR speaking that liberates you from the past and has you stand in the present and future sharing your message with authenticity, vulnerability and power.

There is a story inside all of us. A story that you are longing to share and don’t QUITE know how to share it.

In Spanish, the term for birth is, dar a luz or bring to light. At Fearless Communicators®, we are your story doula . . . supporting, loving, and empowering you throughout the process of crafting and delivering a speech that you have been waiting to share your whole life.

Fearless Communicators are grounded in BODY, present of MIND, lead from the HEART and speak into the SPIRIT of our shared humanity.

The Story Doula Process®

We begin all of our processes by the activating our BODY, bringing awareness to our breath and how our body is engaged in the event of speaking.

We then move to the MIND where we create a new, empowered context for our speaking.  

Next is the HEART, where we dive into storytelling technique and craft content that is personal, impactful, and audience focused.

The final phase we work on how you share SPIRIT, bringing breath and life to the content you’ve created leaving your audience moved, inspired and in action.

When you are firing on all cylinders – your body is in alignment, you are in the present moment, you are sharing your message with your audience for your audience.  We believe the human beings that receive your message will be transformed.  You will have officially elevated your speaking from giving a presentation to giving a PRESENSATION®.  

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Are you ready to be a fearless Communicator?