Our transformational KEYNOTE 1-1 Coaching Program is designed to elevate the verbal communication content and delivery needs of a speaker.

We define speaker, as anyone who speaks, in whatever communication they use to connect with an audience. This can range from beginners to accomplished professional speakers with global platforms.

We use the STORY DOULA PROCESS to ground our speaker in their body, bring presence to their mind, craft original content that is sourced from the heart and then work on the final PRESENSATION connecting their message to the spirit of the audience.

From our work together, clients have launched global speaking careers, increased revenue for their brand, brought national attention to a cause, received promotions and even switched careers.

The STORY DOULA PROCESS is divided into the following three phases that can be completed over the course of 3 – 4 months. (Depending on the timing needs of the audience, the process can be truncated. We like to leave a minimum of two – three weeks for the creative process to unfold.)

A Speaker

The first three sessions with our clients are Unlock Your Voice. Unbolt Your Why. Unleash Your Story.

a Speech

The following 5 Sessions are BUILDING YOUR SPEECH, which is all about content creation.

your Event

The final three sessions are all about the delivery.At the end of the 1-1 Program there is an in person or virtual 1-1 final sharing for an invited audience.

Sample Deliverables include In Person and virtual Keynotes, Signature Speech, TED Talk, Workshop Content, Networking Presentation

Clients include: Thought Leaders, Industry Experts, Executives , Authors, Influencers, Activists


KEYNOTE Plus Program 
For our Private Clients who are looking to create more branded content, we produce a final, live event to showcase the keynote or signature speech we craft together.

What You Get

  • Live Event for an invited audience (Includes Rental of Venue for an audience of 30-70 people)
  • Professional Video of Original Speech
  • Testimonials from the Audience
  • Hair and Make Up Plus Professional Photography

Eduardo Placer is the real deal.   He prepared me for the biggest talks of my professional career.

I have had the opportunity to step on to the official TED stage twice and both times Eduardo was there for me at a moment’s notice. I experienced his magic through one-on-one consultations and with a group initiative. Both times Eduardo helped me prepare for my big day – emotionally and physically! His teachings continue to help me take the stage with confidence. I have transformed overnight from the shy postgraduate student to a rising entrepreneur who needs and — dare I say — loves to be on stage. Eduardo’s energy is contagious, his light is as authentic as his work to empower marginalized voices in our global community, and I give him my highest recommendation. Let him coach you to be fearless on stage and let him turn you into your best self.

—Mohammed Modarres
TED Resident & Founding Director, Interfaith Ventures

I reached the top position in my company last year and was asked to give a speech in front of 7,000 people.

Eduardo helped me put my story into words– to create a ‘Ted Talk’ style speech that was far more creative and powerful than what I would have come up with on my own! He also coached me on how to get into my body, and use my physicality to share my message in the most impactful way possible. Previously, when I gave a speech in front of a large group, I would feel petrified and frozen before I went onstage. This time, I felt relaxed, confident and excited because of the work I’d done with Eduardo. I had a blast delivering the speech and was able to connect with the audience, and people told me it was the best speech they’d heard. I would highly recommend Eduardo to anyone looking to find their voice and deliver an impactful message. He is highly skilled at what he does and can draw the rockstar out of you!

—Ellie Shepley
Juice Plus, National Marketing Director

Sarah Michal Waxman

I absolutely loved working with my story doula!

Eduardo helped me find my story, my voice, and my Zorch! Work with him and no doubt you will find yours too. After my Fearless Communicator training, I felt proud of my speech and generally felt better about myself. If you have to give any sort of public presentation I could not recommend this training more.

—Sarah Waxman
Founder, At the Well

It was 2 months out and I was asked to do a TEDx Talk in Roadtown BVI.

I’ve done one before so I knew I could make up the time but I needed a fearless honest transparent sounding board. Eduardo REally helped focus my talk. He highlighted the best parts, we expanded on them, adjusted the order and on March 17th I gave the best Talk of my life! Thanks for being fearless and go #teamorange

—Mike Dieterich
President, RISE Industries