Business/Corporate Solutions

Full Day - Half Day - Bespoke

We offer an array of packages to empower your team with FEARLESS SPEECH.  Our workshops will give your team members access to a voice they never thought possible.  You will surprise and inspire each other while having a lot of fun.


(Half Day Workshop)

In this half day workshop we examine how lack of self belief, body awareness and breath support allow for FEAR to run the show when you are speaking in public.  Participants will have access to a whole new way of being and sharing in front of people.


(Half Day Workshop)

This half day workshop is designed to craft personal and powerful stories that connect customers, clients, funders to the work you do.  We examine both the technical and performative aspects of storytelling to create unique and dynamic shares.  You will be moved and inspired.


Contact us directly and share the specific needs of your team.  We can create Lunch and Learns, One on One Coaching with your team members and event specific coaching.  


"The end of all education should surely be the service of others."
—Cesar Chavez


Individual Solutions


We are here to serve individuals and leaders when they are called upon to speak.  The four individual offerings are intended to capture the myriad ways in which you will share your ideas. Our packages focus on content creation and execution.  All these offerings are divided into the following sections: A Speaker Prepares (use of body and breath), Building A Speech (content creation), Creating an Event (the intersection of mind, body and breath—practice and delivery of speech).


Fearless Elevator Pitch

You have 30 seconds to share with someone what you do. Go.  We will create an Elevator Pitch and work on how you share it with the world.

Fearless Business/Deck Pitch

Are you a tech entrepreneur about to present your Deck to a Venture Capitalist Firm?  Are you a social entrepreneur in an incubator and about to share your business with the world on Demo Day?  Are you sharing your business, organization, or product with customers and clients?  This is the program for you.

Fearless Talk

Are you a thought leader in your field?  Do you have something really important to share with the world?  In this program we create your ten to fifteen minute “Ted Talk”.  We work on not just only what you say, but more importantly how you say it.

Fearless Keynote

Are you the CEO of your company presenting in front of your entire company?  Are you a veteran speaker looking to take your speaking to a new level?  Are you breaking out into the professional speaking circuit and looking to create a speech that will set you apart?  This prepares leaders for a 30-45 minute Keynote address.  You will rock it!


Contact us today for more information on our individual offerings.


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"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."
—Eleanor Roosevelt


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