Hacking the Fear of Public Speaking

Hacking the Fear of Public Speaking is designed to disrupt the root cause of the experience of panic, fear and doubt that is present in the event of Public Speaking.  In this workshop we will arm participants with physical and mental hacks along with a new mental framework to speak from your authentic power as opposed to your limiting belief.

Storytelling! The Musical 

This improvisational workshop is about Creativity and Self Expression as we gain a better understanding of nuts and bolts of storytelling.  Using classic improv and theatre techniques teams improvise original songs from original musicals. 


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"The end of all education should surely be the service of others."
—Cesar Chavez

Start-Up Storytelling Guide 

In pitching your startup to investors it is of utmost importance to cultivate your story.  In this workshop we will craft the necessary stories for your business, your Founder’s Story and also Client/User Stories.  We will look at classic storytelling techniques to craft and deliver stories that connect with the heart of an audience and leaves them wanting more.

FROM WOW to NOW: Rocking Your Elevator Pitch 

For any entrepreneur it’s important to be able to share about your business in a way that is not only clear but more importantly concise.  In this workshop we will look at three classic elevator pitch techniques/forumulas so that the next time you’re riding an elevator with that investor you totally ROCK it.



This is our introduction benchmark workshop.  In this two hour session we are committed that you get a deeper understanding of your body and how it shows up to the event of speaking, a new powerful context so that you're speaking from a place of power - not panic, and a diagnostic of your public speaking challenges and immediate tools to rectify those challenges.  You will also leave with a dynamic physical and vocal warm-up the single greatest tool to speak with success.  


For any business owner, a succinct and powerful Elevator Pitch is one of the most useful tools to communicate about your business.  An elevator pitch is a FEARLESS CONVERSATION STARTER, that not only piques someone's interest but more importantly invites a deeper conversation about you and the service your business can provide.  We use three different formats so that you leave with a toolbox of brief, bold and memorable Elevator Pitches. 


You are carrying a story and you are blocked in how to piece it all together.  It could be the confluence of a myriad of life experiences, a big idea for a brand or business, a personal experience that you're eager to share.  You could have a series of events, but you don't have the framework or language to put it all together.  In this session we will look at traditional and innovative storytelling techniques so that you craft meaningful stories that connect and move people into action.




Elatia Abate

"Working with Eduardo Placer is an empowering, liberating, powerful, and joyful experience. He is a master at drawing out your voice and point of view, and helping you structure impactful delivery of your content.


I am proud to call him my coach and friend, and will work with him as long as I continue to speak – so, for the rest of my life! "

Chief Futurist, Sharpen Enterprises

TEDx Ogden, International Keynote Speaker

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"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."
—Eleanor Roosevelt


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