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"Eduardo is an absolute master in the art of communicating fear-lessly. His enthusiasm, energy and knowledge alone are outstanding, which give you immediate comfort knowing you can achieve your goal of standing up and speaking with confidence.  But with Eduardo you get so much more.  You will learn how to tell your individual and unique story.  The one that you are passionate about and you will discover that it will come out from inside you, simply because Eduardo has amazing skills to get you to that place." 

Deirdre Mahon, Software Executive in Bay Area, former punk rocker from Dublin, Ireland


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“Working as a teacher and a trainer, one often grapples with self-doubt, draining of energy or inspiration. Eduardo is a life force. He reminds you of qualities you forgot you have, brings them up and makes them shine. And his lessons keep on teaching weeks and months later, whenever one's confidence starts to waiver. I consider meeting and working with Eduardo among the luckiest and most beneficial experiences of my professional life.”

Dagmar Kusa, Lecturer/Undergraduate Studies Coordinator, Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts


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"As an entrepreneur, courage defines everything. But it's also the hardest element of a startup journey to be constantly nurtured. I learnt through Eduardo and his team that courage is only the accumulation of small steps. They guided me through a journey where a small gesture, a new word and thought could unleash the authentic power that get sometimes silenced by fear. Just like a muscle can be trained, courage has memory and it comes back once you choose to execute on that. Working with Eduardo gave me back thefreedom to express the vision behind PersonalHeroes, but also the confidence to ACT on that vision in the most authentic version of myself. And once you get there. There's no way back”

—Stephie Knopel, CEO and Founder, Personal Heroes


"Our session with Eduardo opened us up to how to communicate our message and relay the mission of our company using breath and voice work. We learned and practiced tools that would allow us to own our authentic voice. The result was a powerful sense of clarity around who we are, what our company stands for in the world, and how to powerfully communicate that to others." 

—Jahan Mantin and Boyuan Gao, Project Inkblot


"My experience of Fearless Communications has been a momentous self-discovery, with no turning back. Eduardo has a high energy that is infectious, coupled uniquely with a deep authenticity and high levels of empathy and care. The personalised feedback for pitching was clear, honest, and extremely helpful. My overall impression is that of a highly professional and fiercely transformative service.”

—Yasmeen Akhtar, Programs Manager, Three Faiths Forum


“I’ve now brought Eduardo to do several workshops with my teams, and every time I’m amazed at how he helps each individual connect—even if only for a moment—with something deeper inside him/herself. I use that ‘moment’ to create a common language of courage in coaching my team with their business interactions.  It’s not usual to see finance and accounting folks experience a spark of fearlessness, but Eduardo finds a unique way with each person.”

—Jared S., Assistant Dean of Finance, Penn Dental Medicine
Philadelphia, PA