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This photo was taken in Tel Aviv during our first international A Fearless Force: Public Speaking for Visionary Women Leaders event.

This photo was taken in Tel Aviv during our first international A Fearless Force: Public Speaking for Visionary Women Leaders event.

I have abruptly awoken from my copy-coma and am coming to you with a POW, a ZING, and a BANG to share on our blog!

Why? Because the world is calling for Fearless Communicators like YOU- individuals committed to the change the world needs.

Therefore, your Friday’s are about to get magical...

Yes, every Friday will be FEARLESS FRIDAY! YAAAAAAAAAS..

So what the heck have we been up to this year?

Fearless Communicators has been fearlessly WERKING all over the world, empowering leaders to step into their greatness with authenticity, vulnerability, and power.

Below are highlights from what we’ve been up to since you and I last connected... #ItsBeenAWhile #ItsMeNotYou #abscencemakestheheartgrowfonder

  • Spoke at the WIN Conference  (Women’s International Networking) in Oslo, Norway

  • Coaching clients who have spoken at both Tony Robbins Business Mastery Programs (Yas Allen Morgan and Jonathan Cohen of Agency of Trillions. )

  • Supporting private clients who are speaking on some of the most important topics in the world - like Elatia Abate, who from the speech we created together, booked a speaking tour in Argentina all about “THE FUTURE OF WORK”.

  • We also had the privilege of leading group workshops in New York and LA with HBO’s LGBTQ employees, and facilitated workshops at Yale and Juilliard.

  • We also have added several team members to Fearless Communicators.  Linda Fern is our Fearless Associate, helping with an array of administration functions, and both Ben Pelteson and Debra Driscoll have co facilitated our Fearless Force cohorts in New York.

What’s coming down the community pipeline?

A Fearless Force: Public Speaking for Visionary Women Leaders is off and running.  In this program we work with visionary women on the crafting of original TED style speeches.  This year alone we have held 2 Circles in New York, 1 in Tel Aviv and we will be in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in September. This multi-day intensive speaks to the body, mind, heart and spirit, while fully preparing you for a TED-style talk that you will present to a live audience.

The following locations have been announced for 2018:

  • Melbourne, Australia  September 1-6
  • Sydney, Australia  September 8-13
  • Brisbane, Australia September 15-20
  • Tel Aviv, Israel October 12-17
  • New York, November 3-8

If you’re planning to be in the area during this time, connect with me and let’s get you a seat to the event (or better yet, let’s have you speak at it!)

I’m here to support you, my fearless friend.

We currently have an exponentially growing community of dynamic and high-achieving men and women in our communitymand as we continue to grow, I want to provide you with efficient and useful content that will help you be COURAGEOUS and…

  • Amplify your message

  • Position yourself as a thought leader

  • Allow your work to POP and stand out from the crowd

  • Get paid (and paid well!) to speak

  • Connect with your ideal clients

The key word here is courageous. . :-)

Our Fearless members are a fun, authentic, and loyal community committed to self-growth and development, and I am honored you have chosen to be a part of this community
And now you have my commitment to ensure you reach these goals, too.
So, if you’re along for the ride and ready to play ball, hit reply on this email and let me know exactly where you could use support right now, and I will make sure to address those points in our  free Fearless Friday updates. I check every email, and I want to curate these updates with major value to help you grow personally and professionally. .

Go ahead, what tips are you looking for to become a more effective speaker? How can I give you ample value to help boost your career from center stage?