Don’t 💩 your 👖! (Say sayonara to stage stress)

Inbal Zisser had never given a speech in public before.  Here we are celebrating her accomplishment after sharing an original speech she created in our Sixth Circle of A Fearless Force: Public Speaking for Visionary Women Leaders in Tel Aviv.  We call this move ELEVATED SPARKLEATION!!!!

Inbal Zisser had never given a speech in public before.  Here we are celebrating her accomplishment after sharing an original speech she created in our Sixth Circle of A Fearless Force: Public Speaking for Visionary Women Leaders in Tel Aviv.  We call this move ELEVATED SPARKLEATION!!!!

Yes, the above is a little aggressive, but horrible things can happen to our bodies when we’re stressed - and public speaking can be STRESSFUL.

I believe that FEARLESS COMMUNICATORS need to be grounded in BODY, present of MIND, lead from the HEART and speak into the SPIRIT of our shared humanity. That’s right - I believe a powerful speaker must be firing on all cylinders, while connecting to their:

  • Body

  • Mind

  • Heart

  • Spirit

We want to showcase each of these elements in your Fearless Friday updates and give you tangible tips on how to leverage these four components. Doing so will help improve how YOU fearlessly communicate and share you message (while curbing any negative stress that doesn’t serve you.)

Today we will focus on the first element, BODY.

YAAAAAAS: your fierce, fearless, and fascinating body. #werkit #twerkit #azucar

But you know what holds our bodies back from being truly powerful?  (true KINGZ and KWEENZ) ?


We are tension-prone, stress-magnetizing human beings.  And knowing we are about to deliver a speech to other HUMANS?! 👀... The tension is magnified.  We stress, we stumble, and it goes downhill reeeeal quick.  

BUT NOT TODAY SATAN!  Let’s (kickball)change that.

The next time you are about to give a presentation, I want you to take a minute to locate where you are carrying that tension.

Is it in your shoulders? Is it in your thighs?  Or does it come in the form of a thumping headache in your temples?  Most people suffer from speech anxiety (we covered that last week), so you really want to be aware and get comfortable with where you carry this tension.  AKA don’t ignore it and push it away!

Then, similar to when practicing yoga, you want to release your tension on your exhale.  This can be for any body part - your neck, your feet, your zorch etc... (I’ll share where your zorch is found on your body next’s likely not where you think it is)

FEARLESS TIP  Identify where the tension is and release it on breath.

Pay attention to your body and to your muscles. Are they contracted and tense?  Take a mental stroll through your entire body - from your scalp, down your spine, through your calves and into each toe - and release every part of your body that holds any tension.

Add this ritual before you speak. When I reach an especially tense spot on my body during this routine, I like to put my hand over that spot, and let out an over-exaggerated exhale on a SHHHHH sound.  

The tension you're holding is simply the manifestation of fear.  When you release that fear… you’ll feel lighter, you’ll be more focused, and you’ll be ready to share your message with authority.

The world NEEDS your message.  Use this Fearless tip the next time you speak.  It will help you connect with your body and calm your nerves - allowing your authentic voice and story to shine baby, SHINE!  

We're Back! #nobigdeal #nailingit #werk

This photo was taken in Tel Aviv during our first international A Fearless Force: Public Speaking for Visionary Women Leaders event.

This photo was taken in Tel Aviv during our first international A Fearless Force: Public Speaking for Visionary Women Leaders event.

I have abruptly awoken from my copy-coma and am coming to you with a POW, a ZING, and a BANG to share on our blog!

Why? Because the world is calling for Fearless Communicators like YOU- individuals committed to the change the world needs.

Therefore, your Friday’s are about to get magical...

Yes, every Friday will be FEARLESS FRIDAY! YAAAAAAAAAS..

So what the heck have we been up to this year?

Fearless Communicators has been fearlessly WERKING all over the world, empowering leaders to step into their greatness with authenticity, vulnerability, and power.

Below are highlights from what we’ve been up to since you and I last connected... #ItsBeenAWhile #ItsMeNotYou #abscencemakestheheartgrowfonder

  • Spoke at the WIN Conference  (Women’s International Networking) in Oslo, Norway

  • Coaching clients who have spoken at both Tony Robbins Business Mastery Programs (Yas Allen Morgan and Jonathan Cohen of Agency of Trillions. )

  • Supporting private clients who are speaking on some of the most important topics in the world - like Elatia Abate, who from the speech we created together, booked a speaking tour in Argentina all about “THE FUTURE OF WORK”.

  • We also had the privilege of leading group workshops in New York and LA with HBO’s LGBTQ employees, and facilitated workshops at Yale and Juilliard.

  • We also have added several team members to Fearless Communicators.  Linda Fern is our Fearless Associate, helping with an array of administration functions, and both Ben Pelteson and Debra Driscoll have co facilitated our Fearless Force cohorts in New York.

What’s coming down the community pipeline?

A Fearless Force: Public Speaking for Visionary Women Leaders is off and running.  In this program we work with visionary women on the crafting of original TED style speeches.  This year alone we have held 2 Circles in New York, 1 in Tel Aviv and we will be in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in September. This multi-day intensive speaks to the body, mind, heart and spirit, while fully preparing you for a TED-style talk that you will present to a live audience.

The following locations have been announced for 2018:

  • Melbourne, Australia  September 1-6
  • Sydney, Australia  September 8-13
  • Brisbane, Australia September 15-20
  • Tel Aviv, Israel October 12-17
  • New York, November 3-8

If you’re planning to be in the area during this time, connect with me and let’s get you a seat to the event (or better yet, let’s have you speak at it!)

I’m here to support you, my fearless friend.

We currently have an exponentially growing community of dynamic and high-achieving men and women in our communitymand as we continue to grow, I want to provide you with efficient and useful content that will help you be COURAGEOUS and…

  • Amplify your message

  • Position yourself as a thought leader

  • Allow your work to POP and stand out from the crowd

  • Get paid (and paid well!) to speak

  • Connect with your ideal clients

The key word here is courageous. . :-)

Our Fearless members are a fun, authentic, and loyal community committed to self-growth and development, and I am honored you have chosen to be a part of this community
And now you have my commitment to ensure you reach these goals, too.
So, if you’re along for the ride and ready to play ball, hit reply on this email and let me know exactly where you could use support right now, and I will make sure to address those points in our  free Fearless Friday updates. I check every email, and I want to curate these updates with major value to help you grow personally and professionally. .

Go ahead, what tips are you looking for to become a more effective speaker? How can I give you ample value to help boost your career from center stage?

YOU GET A GIFT! YOU GET A GIFT! #justlikeoprah


You’re still with me!

And you know what that tells me?

It says your serious about sharing your story.  (Or maybe you're into a weekly dose of FABULOUS FEROCITY!)

Regardless, welcome to our own little corner of the internet - I’m Eduardo, the CEO and Founder of Fearless Communicators and being a part of this community shows you are passionate about building a better world.

Me too.

I’m thrilled we’ve crossed paths, soooo let’s jump right in.

After last week’s Fearless Friday Newsletter, I received many responses from our fabulous community.  Jonathan, from Ghana (#nobigdeal), shared a specific problem that SO MANY of us face.  Thank you Jonathan for your vulnerability - What you shared about is so common, I wanted to make sure I addressed it within the whole community.

Jonathan’s message:

"My communication challenge is how to handle internal pressure/anxiety before the start of my talk (no matter the size of the group – 2 people and above.)…Whenever I’m about to speak, I get a strong feeling that I may make a mistake or not impress them...

Even though my listeners applaud and appreciate me, I usually feel unsatisfied after my talk.

How do I deal with this kind of pressure/ anxiety?"

Well, Jonathan, you can take a safe seat next to so many other leaders because this experience is very common!

Have you ever felt this way too?

Let me shed some light on how to tackle this like a boss.

Here’s the thing - I do this work all over the world and whether I’m speaking to Italians, Kenyans, Mexicans or Nuyorikans- the vast majority of us are covering up IMPOSTOR SYNDROME >> (the collection of feelings of inadequacy despite evident success.)

You may find comfort in knowing that statistics show 74% of people suffer from speech anxiety.

The other 26%? I believe are lying.

If you’re not experiencing any form of body sensation before you speak then you are not alive, darling!

Most of us have negative thought patterns that impact our mindset and the context of our speaking. You are simply creating a BELIEF in the room that you will make a mistake and that your audience will not be impressed.  

That has nothing to do with what your audience is ACTUALLY thinking.   I don’t think you went to Hogwarts and majored in MIND READING. 10 points for Gryffindor!

Instead, it has everything to do with what you FEAR they’re thinking because there is a part of you that believes that you’re not good enough. Guess what, you are GOOD ENOUGH! 10 more points for Gryffindor!

Fearless tip--->  Before you speak, write down everything you fear the audience may think of you: “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m going to going to fumble and make a mistake”, They won’t understand my accent”, etc..

Read it over… and then tear it up.  

Rip it up with PURPOSE.

Then surrender to the fear.

Surrender your perfectionism.

And take a deep breath.

Create a positive intention for your speaking.  CONNECT with your audience.  Commit to leaving them touched, moved and inspired.  

This is one of the many tools I use to help manage my fear and the next time you speak, I invite you to try it too!  A little bonus . . . the body sensations you are feeling may occur as FEAR and if you flip the context it can also occur as EXCITEMENT!  So next time you speak, I invite you to fearLESS and GET EXCITED!!! 

AAAAAAND now the moment I get to be like OPRAH!  I have the perfect gift for you, to combat this anxiety.

It’s so perfect that Jonathan wrote us, because attached is a FREE go-to resource, a POCKET GUIDE, with some of my favorite tips and tools to speak powerfully and stand out from the crowd.  But please don’t share this with anyone - this resource is just for you, << Test First Name >>, and the faithful and fearless members of our community.  Download 10 SIMPLE BACKSTAGE TIPS TO TRANSFORM YOU FROM A SPEAKER TO A STAR, keep it on your phone, and next time you give a presentation take it out before you speak . . . you will be #nailingit I'm sure!  Click here to get your FREE FEARLESS GIFT!

If you have questions on how to be a more effective speaker, drop me an email at and let's get a conversation started.

Listening for Fearlessness.

Participants in my Storytelling! The Musical workshop at Soul Camp West. These five fearless adults improvised their original mini musical called "Under the Pond! The musical." about a bitter and jaded bass who falls in love with a Stand Up Paddle Boarder who falls into the pond. &nbsp;#nailingit #creativity #freedom #selfexpression

Participants in my Storytelling! The Musical workshop at Soul Camp West. These five fearless adults improvised their original mini musical called "Under the Pond! The musical." about a bitter and jaded bass who falls in love with a Stand Up Paddle Boarder who falls into the pond.  #nailingit #creativity #freedom #selfexpression

I just returned from Soul Camp West 2016 and my chakras are aligned, my angels have been channelled, and my spirit is nourished.  This Soul Camp experience proved to be far more introspective than my Soul Camp East experience.  I led two "Storytelling! The Musical" workshops, facilitated a conversation around Hacking the Fear of Public Speaking, and MC'd the talent show.   As I reflect on the highlights and takeaways from this experience, I'm immediately sent back to the Talent Show.

As a public speaking coach, I oftentimes take for granted the courage it takes to stand onstage and allow oneself to be revealed.  After years of doing it professionally it can become "just another day at the office."  At Soul Camp, I was reminded of the emotional and psychological hurdles many leap to cover the distance from offstage to onstage.  "Talent Show" doesn't adequately describe the experience. It is a Generosity Fest.  One after the other, participants stood onstage and sang, danced, shared stories, performed stand up, and played the drums.  Their offering was genuine.  There was nothing to prove.  There was nothing to show off.  There was an authenticity, vulnerability and sincerity to each participant's share that captivated us in the audience for over 3 hours.  3 HOURS!  No intermission.  Millenials sitting still for 3 hours.  Miracle - No.  I believe it was connected to the intention of the evening.  The audience knew that their job was to hold space.  They had a responsibility to show up, listen, love and give back.  The audience was responsible for witnessing and acknowledging the breakthroughs on stage.  The performers offered us their soul, their story, their humanity.  We received it and offered our souls, our hearts, our humanity.  It was magical.

So here's my request for the coming weeks: Where can you take on listening from a space of generosity and acknowledge the breakthroughs happening all around you?  I guarantee they're happening.  You just have to be present and listening to catch them.  Please feel free to share on our Facebook page!

Below we have information about our upcoming events.  I'm excited to be hosted by Mt. Holyoke College in Mid November, and thrilled to be sharing our third A Fearless Force: Public Speaking for Visionary Women Leaders in New York City in partnership with the Centre for Social Innovation.  To order tickets for the final presentations on December 8, 2016, click here!

Bringing in the Namaste! Soul Camp 2016

Campers participating in my Musical Theater Improvisation Workshop at Soul Camp East 2016.

Campers participating in my Musical Theater Improvisation Workshop at Soul Camp East 2016.


Okay.  I’ll admit it.  I was a skeptic.  I had been asked by founders Michelle Goldblum and Alison Leipzig to attend Soul Camp East 2016 (a sleep away camp for adults) at Camp Echo Lake in the Catskills last December.  I had just finished performing in a cabaret and immediately after the performance they both ran up to me and asked me to lead a workshop on musical theater improvisation.  I said yes.  It looked like a lot of fun.  Could all those campers be so happy?  Could there really be that much love?  Could it really be that much fun?

I arrived on Wednesday afternoon (8 months later) with the intention of creating space.  It was good to get out of NYC and play in open fields and stare at the stars.  We don’t look up in Manhattan, it’s not only a dead give away that you’re a tourist, but we’re also moving quickly on to the next thing.  We have a subway to catch, or running late to an appointment, or meeting up with a friend who lives five minutes away who you still only manage to see once a year.  I took advantage of every opportunity to rest, eat and laugh.  There was intenSati, Yoga, chakra clearings, numerology workshops and conversations with Shamans.  It was Hogwarts for the Soul.

In my accountability as Musical Theater Improv Teacher and MC for the Talent Show, I didn’t quite know how best to serve the campers.  With Fearless Communicators, I work with clients to unlock their voice and unleash their story.  I was not clear on how a one hour workshop, creating mini musicals, could have a similar impact.  No need to worry on my part, in the three workshops I led, voices were unlocked and stories were unleashed!  In teams of 5-6, campers improvised and performed original mini musicals set at Camp.  They plots ranged from an Alien Invasion to Mother Theresa running away from a traveling circus to become Camp Director.  The teams created a narrative arc using 5 snippets of songs to tell the story.  The five songs fit into the following order: Opening Number, I Want Song, Song of Villain/Antagonist, Climax Song, Grand Finale.  Several participants shared that they were terrified of performing and had a breakthrough in allowing themselves to sing and dance in public.  Some participants had been shutdown as children and told they had no business singing.  Some participants had studied theatre and had not performed in years, embittered by the business of "show business".  Most participants who attended the workshop said they came because it was the course on the schedule that most terrified them.  Perfect opportunity to give away FEARLESS bracelets!  One woman shared with me that after my class, and with the fearless bracelet on her wrist, she went to the sky village obstacle course that included a zip line.  She confessed to me that she would never have done that before my class. From show tunes to zip lines! How's that for Fearless!!!!!

Being the MC for the Talent Show proved to be an even greater gift.  More than the witty banter and silly introductions, I was most pleased with the intention of generosity for the festivities.  The occurring to me of most talent shows is a selfish and  unbearable.  "HEY THERE! LOOK AT ME! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!"  The evening was anything but unbearable.  We sat for three hours - without an intermission- mesmerized as campers, counselors, and teachers shared personal stories, original songs, silly acts, and choreography.  People bared their souls and it was a gift to behold.  The performances also became an opportunity for the performers to practice being acknowledged.  Several times I had to call the performer back onstage to give them the space to receive the acknowledgement of their community.

So I’m now back in Brooklyn, caverns of internal space created, and reflecting on the experience of Soul Camp 2016.  The work that I do now with clients: voice, body, fearless self expression, acknowledgement was all present not only in what I was teaching at the camp, but most importantly in who I was being at the camp.  It didn’t look exactly like the workshops I lead now and none of that matters.  The campers were courageous, playful and fearlessly self expressed.  I'm excited to see what they create.  

I am not a Soul Camp skeptic any longer.   I’m all in. Can't wait 'til next year. #namaste #nailingit #yas

Nowhere else I would rather be!

Members of the 2016 Muslim Jewish Conference Arts and Culture Committee.

Members of the 2016 Muslim Jewish Conference Arts and Culture Committee.

“Why are you here?”  It’s a question that I get often from the participants at the annual Muslim Jewish Conference (MJC).  First of all, I’m neither a Muslim or Jewish.  I was raised Catholic and currently consider myself a secular humanist.  My religious identity, or lack of a religious identity, is not the determining factor of my participation.  Upon reflection, what inspires me about the MJC, is the international community of volunteers and participants who choose to gather and engage in dialogue and creation.  There are two stories from each of my MJC experiences that are indicative of why I go and why it’s important.

Last year during the interfaith Shabbat service, which happens on the Friday evening of the conference, the community was asked to walk on stage and light the Shabbos candles.  The auditorium had been set up and partitioned depending on the needs of certain observant participants.  There was a partition set up for the men who chose to pray with men and a partition set up for the women who chose to pray only with women.  The vast majority of the participants and staff sat in the mixed section.  At the beginning of the service I had noticed that their was one Israeli orthodox woman who was sitting by herself.  As I walked up the stairs to light the candles, I looked again, and she was no longer sitting alone, she was sitting with a Pakistani muslim woman wearing hijab.  

As co chair of the Arts and Culture committee this year, we asked our participants to bring objects that remind them of home and/or connects them to their religious identity.  They were asked to share a story about the object.  We had two participants this year from South Africa, one Jewish and one Muslim.  The Muslim participant went first.  He brought a scarf that he carries with him at all times.  Several years ago he got into an argument with his mother.  Seeking a place of refuge and comfort he ran to the mosque only to find that the mosque was locked.  In that moment, he remembered he had his scarf.  He laid it down facing mecca and started to pray.  The Jewish participant brought the tefillin that he was given on his bar mitzvah.  He doesn’t wear them anymore and yet travels with them.  He keeps them close just in case he will need them again.  In this simple exercise I immediately became connected to two distinct and yet parallel stories about religious identity amongst the backdrop of the political, racial and cultural landscape that is South Africa.   

There are intersections and interruptions that happen because of the Muslim Jewish Conference.  This is par for the course when you have over 100 participants from 30 plus countries represented.  Your views, opinions, beliefs, assumptions are all challenged.

The past two conferences have ended the same.  Gaggles of participants lying in a hotel lobby, telling stories, playing music, hugging each other, and speaking loudly.  No one wants to go home.  They stay up all night long, a vigil of possibility.  The hope that to spite difference, we can still come together, eat together, speak together, create together and love together.  So when asked again by a participant, “Why are you here?”  My new answer is - there's no where else I would rather be.

Fearless Launch! #fearlessfriday

This is the energy that is present when creating a Fearless Vision Session with the team at mobilize in San Francisco.&nbsp;

This is the energy that is present when creating a Fearless Vision Session with the team at mobilize in San Francisco. 

It's launch day.  As CEO and FOUNDER of Fearless Communicators, I have been suffering from an acute strain of Fear of Launch.  The inner perfectionist has been at work for weeks resisting, avoiding, delaying, and hiding.  Now as someone who engages in a myriad of internal and external conversations around the topic of fear I have been able to distinguish that at the root of the inaction and avoidance is the belief that no one will care.  How many times are we blocked from sharing a great idea?  How many times do we prevent ourselves from speaking up and declaring what we want?  How many times are we stopped because we are afraid of other people's response?

In my experience there is only one way to counter the fear of launch- just launch.  SO here it is.  Our new website.  I'm so excited to share this with our present and ever growing global community of fearless communicators making a difference in the world.  April is a very exciting month.  Next week I lead the first Unlock Your Voice workshop in New York City, the first part of the Fearless Communicator Curriculum.  In two weeks I will be leading again at the Bravehearts Men's Retreat in Bermuda.  The end of April culminates with a #supercaliferosh event at the Center for Social Innovation called A Fearless Force: Public Speaking for Visionary Women Leaders.  Keep May 4th blocked off on your calendar - this will be the live event.  It has been a thrilling journey so far and I can't wait to meet more of you and continue to amplify your voice and unleash your story on the world.  1 -2 - 3- Launch and move lightly!

Lightly, lightly - it’s the best advice ever given to me . . . to throw away your baggage and go forward. There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet, trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair. That’s why you must walk so lightly. Lightly my darling . . . “
— Aldous Huxley, Island

Fearlessly Present

FLASHBACK: It has been a full day in Matoso.  From a presentation by the students at SCHAP School and a meeting with the SCHAP SCHOOL Board, to a conversation with community members in another village about the possibility of support for their CBO, to a motorcycle ride through south eastern Kenya watching swarms of people coming to and from villages for Market Day.  We finally stopped to recharge my phones at the SCHAP School which was the only space that had an outlet which was connected to solar panels.  It had been a full day.  My senses were shot.  I wanted to capture everything.  Every second that passed was another missed photo opportunity to capture the essence of my south eastern Kenyan experience.  I ultimately surrendered - I wasn’t going to capture everything, but I could be present to everything I witnessed.  It was exhausting.  As my synapses were recovering from information overload, I noticed from my vantage point that the sun was setting over Lake Victoria.  I walked to the fence of the school and stood silently as I watched this daily occurrence in a foreign setting.  From where I was standing I could see Uganda and Tanzania as well.  For many of the villagers this event was just a marker of another day, for me it was an opportunity to breathe and focus on the beauty of this gift - the explosion of color that erupts from the horizon as the sun disappears for the evening.  So I stood, quietly with my new friend Maurice and just watched.  No soundtrack.  No selfies.  Just silence and my breath in a foreign land watching one of the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. 

FLASH PRESENT: I reflect on this exercise and discipline of being present as I sit in a coffee shop in Ashland, OR.  Ashland and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival were my home for two years.  I have intentionally not been virtually present over this week sharing on Facebook and Instagram as I normally do.  It has been a new discipline this week to be present with people and not "present with the intention to post" which is a space I normally occupy in my entrepreneurial, extroverted space.  The simple gift of conversation and intimacy with dear friends and colleagues in a community that I called home and continue to call home has turned into a huge opportunity to recharge.  I have had the privilege of sharing with my community here the personal accounts of my travels which so many have been following on virtual platforms.  I have been loved from afar, and it feels really good to be present to the love in person.  

It is enough to just be present.  Not dwelling on the past.  Not uberfocused on the future and the next.  There is plenty of time for that.  Whether you are staring at a sunset in Matoso, Kenya or sitting in a coffee shop in Ashland, OR sometimes the the gift and space of presence is fearlessly enough.

Kenyan Hotbeds: Part 1

Peter and his son Eduardo outside of their home in Matoso.&nbsp; Matoso is a HOTBED of joy and family.

Peter and his son Eduardo outside of their home in Matoso.  Matoso is a HOTBED of joy and family.

There is so much of Kenya in the recent weeks and months that have been mired by the “Hotbed of Terror” CNN incident.  In sharing with family members and colleagues about my travel to Kenya, I was greeted by the coded language of our “Fear mongering” media blitz - BE VIGILANT.  I was not present to any “hotbeds” of terror during my 12 days in Kenya, but did witness others.  So I saw something and I’m going to say something. 


"No worries.  This is Africa!" Those words became a mantra as I sat behind Peter and the “boda boda” (motorcycle) driver as we rode through dirt roads that make up the rural southwestern Kenyan landscape.  I had arrived from Berlin the night before and starting at 11:00AM I began a 12 hour journey through Kenya to the home of Peter and his family.  The Guardian Angel bus would get me only three quarters of the way there.  The remaining passengers were packed into a large van which got us to Migori.  Once in Migori, I met with Peter and then 10 of us crammed into a car for another 45 minute drive.  There were 4 people in the front, four in the back, two little children and a trunk full of bananas.  Once we got out of the car, I thought we were done.  It is then that Peter turned to me and pointed at the motorcycle.   The driver, Peter, myself and my luggage bounced up and down on the winding dirt roads.  We arrived to the gate of Peter’s property and were promptly met by the little boy who was in many ways the greatest reason for the visit.  Peter, the director of the SCHAP Community School had named his first born son after me.  Little adventurous Eduardo had fearlessly walked alone from the house to the gate in complete darkness and he’s barely two years old.  


Peter and his wife slept on the floor of their humble home to make sure that I slept in the only bed in their one bedroom home.  They slept on the floor along with their two year old son.  Everywhere I travelled in Kenya people went out of their way express unmatched generosity and kindness to me.


There was a knock on the door at the home I was staying in Nairobi.  I wasn’t paying much attention because I was sorting through my luggage, preparing for an imminent departure to Bermuda.  The call came from downstairs that there was someone at the door for me.  I was a little confused, slightly excited . . . who could possibly be at the door to wish me off right before I was getting ready to leave.  I walked down the flights of stairs to the front door.  As I opened the door, I saw the taxi driver who had shuttled me around Nairobi for the later part of the afternoon through storms and bumper to bumper traffic. James reached out his hands and gave me my passport.  I had left it in the back seat.  He drove all the way back to Lavington to make sure that I had my passport.  I was probably 30 minutes to an hour from making the discovery and that would have been a complete shit show.  

Several FEARLESS students from the SCHAP Community School.&nbsp; The SCHAP Community School is a HOTBED of Possibility.

Several FEARLESS students from the SCHAP Community School.  The SCHAP Community School is a HOTBED of Possibility.